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The project of “Chernivtsiteplokomunenergo” includes close down of a boiler house, situated in the basement of a residential building and connection of the heat load (10 multi-storey buildings) to another boiler house (serving 17 multi-storey buildings). In this boiler house a 2.5 MW wood pellets boiler will be installed. The heat prestressing method will be used for installation ofpre-insulated pipes and the 4-pipe system will be converted to a 2 pipe demand driven system. Also individual heating substations will be installed, in first hand in public institutions connected to the interconnected heating area.

The project is estimated to result in a total reduction of the energy use of 8% and a reduction of gas consumption with more than 80%.

The project should be completed before the start of the heating season 2017/2018.

Updated July 2017

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