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The demonstration project in Oleksandria was completed in autumn 2015. The project includes:

  • Installation of new gas boilers in a former central heating substation. The new boilers are condensing type with high efficiency (>100 %) and capacity of 7.5 MW, which will supply heat to an area with high-rise apartment buildings, with in total 1,800 apartments, in the centre of the city.
  • Replacement of district heating pipelines and obsolete and deteriorated pipelines in basements of the buildings.
  • Installation of a small-scale CHP for production of electric energy for the needs of the boiler house.
Olexandria mini CHP 
Reconstruction of the CHS-room into mini-CHP
Project results and achievements
The project in Oleksandria demonstrates - in a centrally located district - how the district heating service level can be increased. The new system will give a better controlled supply of space heating for the public and private users of the district heating services, leading to improved indoor climate and a higher degree of customer satisfaction. The new system will also be able to supply the buildings with domestic hot water all year. This will increase the comfort - an important achievement especially for kindergartens and schools.
The project in Oleksandria has a high replication potential as the district heating company in Oleksandria alone has 22 more central substations. Continuation of the modernization could stop and roll-back the on-goin disconnection of customers from the district heating system. This will in turn lead to increased energy efficiency for the city.

As a result of reduction of losses and improvement of production efficiency, gas savings of more than 30% and electricity savings of 20% are expected. The project is also profitable for the utility with an expected pay-back time of less than four years.
Project facts
Total investment: 655,000 EUR
Pay-back time: 3.5 years
Gas savings: more than 30 % or 7,000 MWh/yr
Electricty savings: 20% or 250 MWh/yr
Reduction of CO2 emissions: 1,380 ton/yr

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