District Heating Utility "Poltavateploenergo" has implemented a project, which was completed in autumn 2015. The project area includes a boiler house supplying heat and hot water to ten, mainly residential buildings but also a children's hospital and a school. The project concept was to:

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  1. Introduce demand driven heat supply to customers, by installing individual heat substations with control of heat supply in relation to outdoor temperature in all buildings connected to the boiler house.
  2. Reduce losses in the heat distribution system by replacing all district heating pipelines in the area.
  3. Replace the old boilers with new efficient condensing boilers with capacity to adapt the heat production to the heat demand.

Project results and achievements

The project in Poltava demonstrates best practices in technical design, procurement and project implementation in a small-scale project. For the city of Poltava installation of Individual Heating Substations is a new application of district heating technology. The Individual Heating Substation configuration used in the project is substantially simpler and more cost effective than the configuration previously normally used in Ukraine. Installation of the IHSs demonstrates a complete conversion to a demand driven system.

The replacement of old district heating pipelines is done with flexible type pipelines to demonstrate efficient pipe laying in narrow areas. Further reduction of investment costs could be achieved by modern pipe sizing accepting higher pressure drops.

Customers of the district heating company, residing in the buildings with the new IHSs, are benefiting from improved supply of domestic hot water and improved indoor climate.As a result of reduction of losses and improvement of production efficiency, gas savings of more than 30% has been achieved. The project is also profitable for the utility with an expected pay-back time of less than eight years.

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Project facts

  • Total investment: 545 000 EUR
  • Pay-back time: 7.3 years
  • Energy savings: about 35% or 2300 MWh/yr
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: 415 ton/yr

Download the Fact Sheet about the demonstration project in Poltava 

Second DemoUkrainaDH in Poltava
A second DemoUkrainaDH project in this city, includes, installation of a flue gas condenser for an existing boiler with a capacity of 58 MW, a new stack (height 57 metres) and an automatic control system. The use of a flue gas condenser is expected to reduce the gas consumption for the boiler with between 6% and 12%. The background for a second project in the same city is the fact that the introduction of a flue gas condenser at a relatively big, already existing gas boiler is expected to provide specific demonstration value and potential replicability. Furthermore, the potential of increasing the savings over time by actively working for reduced district heating return temperatures from the customers is interesting and will give an incentive for measures such as installation of IHS and improved control system at buildings.

Update February 2017