The demonstration project in Kamyanets-Podilskyi was completed in autumn 2015. The project included:

Better indoor climate in a Kindergarten

  1. Installation of 22 modern prefabricated individual heating substations (IHSs) with brazed heat exchangers, downsized control valves and heat meters in residential and public buildings supplied from a boiler house at Zhukova Street
  2. Retrofit and balancing of building internal heating systems
  3. Installation of frequency controlled network distribution pump for variable flow.

Project results and achievements
The project in Kamyanets-Podilsky demonstrates best practices in technical design, procurement and project implementation in a small-scale project. For the district heating company it was the first experience with installation of IHSs and the start of a development to install IHSs in all the buildings of the city. As a result of the project a significant proportion of the heating system has been converted to a demand driven system. The 4-pipe system was replaced by a 2-pipe system, with equipment for controlling the heat supply according to the real heat demand. For customers the indoor climate improved and the quality of tap water preparation in each building increased significantly. The district heating company conducted an awareness campaign to improve the customers’ understanding of the new system and to inform them about the way in which their individual behaviour influences energy consumption (e.g. use of hot water, control over overheated parts of buildings). The combination of efforts for introduction of a demand driven heating system and reduction of losses is expected to bring gas savings of more than 30% and electricity savings in the range of 40%. The project is also profitable for the utility with an expected pay-back time of less than 5 years.

Project facts

  • Total investment: 460,000 EUR
  • Pay-back time: 4.7 years
  • Energy savings: about 30% or 4300 MWh/yr
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: 850 ton/yr

Download Fact Sheet about the demonstration project in Kamyanets - Podilskyi