The demonstration project in Vinnytsia was completed in spring 2015. The project area includes eleven residential building blocks and a hospital. Heat and hot water to the buildings are provided from two boiler houses. The project concept was to:

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    1. Introduce a demand driven heat supply to customers, by installing individual heat substations with control of heat supply in relation to outdoor temperature.
    2. Reduce losses in heat distribution by replacing heat distribution pipelines in the area, in total 1.5 km (double pipe).
    3. Closure of the inefficient smaller boiler house in the area, which was made possible due to the reductions of energy demand.

Project results and achievements
The project in Vinnytsia demonstrates what can be achieved by analysing the district heating system as a whole and by using best practices in technical design and project implementation. By introduction of individual heating substations and new modern district heating pipelines the losses are reduced, which in turn results in less capacity demand for heating and hot water preparation. As a result the heat load could be connected to a more efficient boiler house with excess capacity and an inefficient boiler house could be taken out of operation. All in all, energy savings in the order of 30 % are expected. Apart from the improved services to the about 2100 residents living in the buildings, the project is profitable for the utility, with an expected pay-back time of about 5 years. The use of modern design and implementation practices was essential for the project outcome, challenging established norms, practices and ways of thinking.

Project facts

      • Total investment: 680,000 EUR
      • Pay-back time: 5 years
      • Energy savings: about 30% or 4,000 MWh/yr
      • Reduction of CO2 emissions: 800 ton/yr

Download Fact Sheet about the demonstration project Vinnytsia