The demonstration project in Ivano-Frankivsk was completed in 2016. The project includes:

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  1. commissioning of one boiler house and connection of the heat load to another boiler house.
  2. Introduction of demand driven heat supply to customers by installing individual heat substations (IHS) with control of heat supply in relation to outdoor temperature in 38 buildings in the interconnected heating area.
  3. Installation of variable speed network distribution pumps.
  4. Conversion from 4-pipe supply system to 2-pipe system and substantially reducing the heat losses.
  5. Installation of a SCADA system for collection and presentation of operation and consumption data for each IHS.

Successful procurement, well below budget, has allowed for extending the project with 21 IHS that have been installed in buildings in another heating area, supplementing planned modernisation efforts to be financed by EBRD.

Project results and achievements

The project in Ivano-Frankivsk demonstrates best practices in technical design, procurement and project implementation in a small-scale project. By installing individual substations throughout the whole area, the district heating system is fully demand driven and the district heating service level could be increased significantly. The improvement of the system will give a better controlled supply of space heating for the users of the district heating services, leading to improved indoor climate, supply with domestic hot water all year and a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

After completion of the project financed by EBRD, the newly installed SCADA-system will make it possible to combine operation of two boiler plants in the same system, which is a remarkable demonstration effect within the framework of DemoUkrainaDH.

As a result of reduction of losses and improvement of production efficiency, gas savings of around 30% and electricity savings of 50% are expected. The project is also profitable for the utility with an expected pay-back time of less than three and a half years.

Project facts

  • Total investment: 832,000 EUR
  • Pay-back time: 3.4 years
  • Gas savings: around 30 % or 7,000 MWh/yr
  • Electricity savings: 50 % or 220 MWh/yr
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: 1,423 ton/yr

Download Fact sheet about the demonstration project in Ivano-Frankivsk