Konotop Hospital webKonotop is a city in the north of Ukraine with around 90,000 inhabitants. Konotop is an important engineering centre and a transportation centre with several rail road connections. The project of the municipal district heating company “Teplogarant” includes:

  • Modernisation of one boiler house and replacement of the existing low efficiency gas boilers with a new biomass boiler (3 MW, wood chips).
  • Close down of two boiler houses with low-efficiency gas boilers
  • Installation of a new gas boiler to cover peak load heat demand together with the biomass boiler.
  • The heat loads served by all three boiler houses will be interconnected and supplied from the renovated boiler house. The heat pre-stressing method will be used for installation of pre-insulated pipes.

Installation of Individual Heating Substations in connected buildings will be considered subject to available funds.If IHSs would be installed in the project area, the interconnected DH systems could be operated as a fully demand driven system. The project’s replicability and the possibility to demonstrate design of the system in accordance with European best practice district heating design criteria contribute substantially to the demonstration value of the project.

As a result of the installation of the biomass boiler, total gas consumption will be reduced with around 85%. The project is expected to be completed before the start of the heating season 2018/2019.

Updated October 2017