Myrgorod enMyrgorod is the administrative centre of the Myrgorod region in Poltava Oblast. With a population of around 40 000 inhabitants it is a small city according Ukrainian standards. The project of Municipal Enterprise “Myrgorodteploenergo” aims to renovate a separate heating district located in the outskirts of the city. Outdated energy generating equipment will be replaced by modern,condensing, gas fired boilers with high efficiency. Furthermore distribution pipelines will be replaced, using smaller dimensions and partly utilising new routes, thereby reducing investment cost and heat losses with more than 10%. Also,individual heating substations will be installed in 17 buildings. New pumps and complete automation systems will be installed in the boiler house, adapted to the new hydraulic conditions in the network.

The project is very interesting from a demonstration point of view, because the district heating area is isolated and the investment covers a total modernisation of the system, from boiler to pipelines to IHS. With decreased thermal losses and higher efficiency, this will reduce the use of fossil fuels (in this case natural gas). The project will decrease the use of natural gas, particularly if improved by using modern condensing gas boiler technology with high efficiency and also through decreased losses in the DH network by the modern pre-insulated piping.TwinPipesMyrgorod web By including introduction of IHS the system is also converted towards a more sustainable demand driven system given by the possibilities for future energy efficiency measures on customer level. The introduction of IHSs in the area will increase the quality of heat delivery to the connected buildings by enabling a heat supply in relation to actual heat demand. In addition to this, it will also be possible to use the actual measured supplied energy as basis for billing. This in turn gives each building owner an incentive to find ways to reduce the energy use.

All together by the shift from a 4-pipe to a demand driven 2-pipe system the project has a potential for a 30 % increase of energy efficiency. The project is expected to be completed before the start of the heating season 2018/2019.

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Updated October 2018