Ternopil hosptial webThe project of "Ternopilmiskteplokomunenergo" includes installation of individual heating substations, enabling control of heat supply in relation to outdoor temperature and billing based on metered consumption, in all buildings (about 25) not already equipped with individual heating substations in a defined heating area. The area is supplied from a boiler house, presently equipped with gas-fired boilers. As a result of the measures two central heating substations can be closed down and the heat supply to the area will be a 2-pipe system with preparation of hot water in each building. In the boiler house it is planned to install new pellets burners in an existing boiler (about 4.5 MW). This is a new concept in Ukraine which is considered to bring a considerable demonstration value.

The project results preliminary in reduction of gas consumption with more than 90% and reduction of the total energy use with more than 5%

The project should be completed before the start of the heating season 2018/2019.

Updated October 2017