The DemoUkrainaDH project in Kiev will shortly enter the implantation phase. The project proposed by Project Implementation Unit for Energy Conservation in Public Buildings of Kyiv concerns disconnection of a local network in a village close to the outskirts of Kyiv, from an existing inefficient boiler house located approx. 800m from the village. A central substation (CTP) will be converted to a local heat production unit with a bio fuel boiler for base load production and a gas boiler for peak load and reserve. The existing local distribution network (4-pipe system) will be replaced with a modern designed pre-insulated pipe network. All buildings will be connected to the network via individual heating substations. In the project is also included equipment for control and measuring of heat supply to a total of 21 connected buildings. The investment will reduce heat losses and the use of fossil fuels in the system and enable the possibility to operate the DH system as a fully demand driven district heating system. The project demonstrates achievable benefits in modernisation of small district heating networks and is expected to have great potential to inspire similar efforts in many small cities and villages in Ukraine.

Information July 2017.