After the business plan having been approved by NEFCO, the DemoUkrainaDH project in Starokostiantyniv will enter the implementation phase. Preparations for tendering have been initiated. The same is the case for the project in Pavlohrad.

The city Starokostiantyniv, with a population of about 35,000 is situated in the Khmelnytska Oblast in the Western part of Ukraine. Municipal DH company «Teplovyk» of Starokostiantyniv City Council intends to interconnect three local distribution systems and to modernize one of the local production plants with a bio fuel (wood pellets) boiler for base load production and a gas boiler for peak load. The other two existing boiler houses can thereby be closed down and the 4-pipe distribution networks will be converted into an interconnected 2-pipe system. All buildings supplied with Domestic Hot Water (DHW) from the DH system will be connected to the network via Individual Heating Substations.

The investment will reduce the use of fossil fuels in the system and enable the possibility to operate the DH system almost as a fully demand driven and modern system.The expected gas savings will be about 20,000 MWh/y.