During the meeting of the DemoUkrainaDH Evaluation and Monitoring Committee on 22 April 2015 two new project partners were selected for developing a demonstration project within the framework of the DemoUkrainaDH program. The new project partners are the Municipal Company “Komenergoservice” in Dnipropetrovsk and the Municipal Enterprise “Myrgorodteploenergo in Myrgorod (Poltava Oblast).

The project in Dnipropetrovsk, one of the major cities in Ukraine with a population of about 1 million, includes closing of a number of central heating substations and installation of around 200 individual heating substations in buildings located at the left-bank territory of Dnepropetrovsk city.  The area is heated from the coal fired Prydniprovska thermal power plant and the conversion of supply scheme from 4-pipe to 2-pipe system will contribute to substantial energy efficiency improvement in the selected areas. If a total of 200 IHS will be installed about 20 % of the heat consumption on the left-bank area will be covered.

Myrgorod, the administrative centre of the Myrgorod region in Poltava Oblast is with a population of around 40 000 inhabitants a small city according Ukrainian standards. The projects aims to renovation of a separate heating district located in the outskirts of the city. Outdated energy generating equipment will be replaced by modern gas fired boilers with high efficiency. Furthermore distribution pipelines will be replaced and individual heating substations will be installed. New pumps and complete automation systems will be installed in the boiler house. All together the shift from a 4-pipe to a demand driven 2-pipe system the project has a potential for a 30 % increase of energy efficiency.