ZhytomyrDuring 2015 five demonstration projects funded by DemoUkraineaDH Program have been completed. Since completion of the project in Vinnytsia in spring, also the benefits of the projects in Zhytomyr, Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Alexandria, and Poltava can be utilized. Energy savings in all projects are at least 30 % compared to the situation before project implementation. The project in Ivano-Frankivsk is expected to be completed in early spring 2016. Three other projects are ready for implementation after completion of Business Plan preparation and approval by the DemoUkrainaDH Evaluation and Monitoring Committee and by NEFCO's Investment Committee.These are the projects in Chernivtsi, Ternopil and Konotop. The implemetation of all the three projects is directed on project completion before the start of the heating season 2016/17.

The project of “Chernivtsiteplokomunenergo” includes close down of a boiler house, situated in the basement of a residential building and connection of the heat load (10 multi-storey buildings) to another boiler house (serving 17 multi-storey buildings). In this boiler house a 2.5 MW   wood pellets boiler will be installed. Included in the project is also installation of individual heating substations in one of the current heating areas to transform this district to a demand driven 2-pipe district heating system. New district heating pipelines will be installed friction locked using the heat pre-stressing method to avoid unnecessary expansion loops.

The project is estimated to result in a total reduction of the energy use of nearly 10% and a reduction of gas consumption with more than 80%.The project implementation is directed on project completion before the start of the heating season 2016/2017.

The project of "Ternopilmiskteplokomunenergo" includes installation of individual heating substations, enabling control of heat supply in relation to outdoor temperature and billing based on metered consumption, in all buildings (about 25) not already equipped with individual heating substations in a defined heating area. The area is supplied from a boiler house, presently equipped with gas-fired boilers. As a result of the measures two central heating substations can be closed down and the heat supply to the area will be a 2-pipe system with preparation of hot water in each building.

In the boiler house it is planned to install new pellets burners in an existing boiler (about 4.5 MW). This is a new concept in Ukraine which is considered to bring a considerable demonstration value.

The project results preliminary in reduction of gas consumption with more than 90% and  and reduction of the total energy use with more than 5%.The project is expected to be completed before the start of the heating season 2016/2017.

The project of the municipal district heating company “Teplogarant” includes modernisation of one boiler house and replacement of the existing inefficient gas boilers with a new biomass boiler (3 MW, wood chips) and close down of two boiler houses with low-efficiency gas boilers. A new gas boiler to cover peak load heat demand is planned to be installed together with the biomass boiler. The heat loads served by all three boiler houses will be interconnected and supplied from the renovated boiler house. The heat prestressing method will be used for installation of pre-insulated pipes. Installation of Individual Heating Substations in connected buildings will be considered subject to available funds.

The proposed project is expected to result in reduction of the total gas consumption with around 85%.

The project should be completed before the start of the heating seasong 2016/2017.

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