DemoUkrainaDH Seminar in PoltavaDemoUkrainaDH Seminar in Poltava
Threads for the Ukrainian District Heating sector, but also new opportunities

Opening seminar webAround 100 representatives of district heating companies, municipalities, regions (oblasts) and other stakeholders in the Ukrainian district heating sector attended the DemoUkrainaDH Seminar on 19th of September 2018 in Business Center’ Cuchasniy Dim’ in Poltava.

During the morning program representatives of district heating companies of Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Myrgorod, Kamyanets-Podilskiy and Poltava shared their experiences with the implementation of their DemoUkrainaDH funded projects, completed and not yet completed.

Opening of the seminar by the Deputy Chairman of Poltava Oblast Administration,
Mr. Oleg Pruglo, second from the right

Future of district heating at stake?
Modernization and reforming of the Ukrainian heating sector is urgently needed, with the proper maintenance of district heating systems as one of the key elements. Therefore, projects and initiatives constituting the gateway for the investments in DH systems are much essential and welcome. At the same time impediments to realize upgrading of the systems are popping up, mostly institutional of character. One of the typical examples of these hindrances is the question of ownership of Individual Heating Substations (IHSs). IHSs are considered as crucial for the development of energy efficient district heating systems and at the same time have to be installed mostly in the basements of

apartment buildings, owned by condominiums or other parties. Ways how to share responsibilities for IHS maintenance and operation were discussed.

Another topic of discussion was the Government Heat Sector Development Action Plan recently adopted (May 2018). The advantages of district heating are paramount: District heating offers prospects for energy saving, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and flexibility in the use of fuels, like renewables and waste heat. These advantages and considering that the infrastructure already exists, make district heating the most preferred heating option for densely populated areas in Ukraine. From the discussion it appeared, that it is still in question, whether this Plan takes these advantages sufficiently in account in relation to other individual heating options, such as electric heating and individual gas heaters in apartments. At least it happens nowadays that cities, often based on not transparent and economically not justified reasons, choose for different modes of operation of heat production and supply (e.g. individual heating based on electric boilers), which is according to the common opinion of the experts present at the seminar, a precarious and risky adventure with an uncertain future.

New Funding opportunities for modernizations of district heating systems
Audience semiar webAfter Anders Lund, E5P Fund Manager, having outlined the conditions under which international donors will be ready to finance district heating projects in Ukraine, Ronny Nilsson, NEFCO Senior Advisor, announced and briefly described a new funding program for modernization of district heating projects, facilitated by the Swedish Government and NEFCO. While the ongoing DemoUkrainaDH programme is focusing on small-scale demonstration projects having already shown significant savings in the production, distribution, and consumption of energy and water, the new programme will provide funding for bigger projects that make a real difference for Ukrainian district heating companies and the Ukrainian district heating sector as a whole.


Several presentations made during the seminar are available in the Download section of our website.