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Pipes in a CHP plant
Hoppers beneath superheaters in a CHP plant
Wood chips on the way to the boiler
Transmission pipes
Turbogenerator set in a CHP plant
Transmission pipes
Pre insulated pipes
Wood chips sorted by quality
Boiler for wood chips

Welcome to DemoUkrainaDH

Third Call for Applications – September 2015
DemoUkrainaDH Funding Programme welcomes Applications for the development of demonstration projects
DemoUkrainaDH is a funding programme established by NEFCO in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Municipal Economy of Ukraine, supported by Sweden and E5P. The objective of the DemoUkrainaDH programme is to demonstrate in Ukrainian cities new District Heating technology and District Heating system solutions in combination with the introduction of international practices for project preparation, design, procurement, implementation and follow up for more energy efficient and sustainable District Heating services. For the development and implementation of the projects the selected project partners receive a loan, grant and Technical Assistance..

By each project at least 30 % of energy will be saved and substantial reductions of CO2 emissions will be realized. Be selected as project partner offers the opportunity to become acquainted with modernization of district heating systems and to develop the capacity to work according to state of the art Technology Requirements and Design Principles

Sixteen project partners have already been selected for implementation of demonstration projects in different cities in Ukraine. These projects are at various stages of development. The first project (in Vinnytsia) has been completed in spring 2015 and several are expected to be completed prior to the beginning of the coming heating season 2015/2016.

Simplified application procedure; Contact us as soon as possible
DemoUkrainaDH welcomes applications for the development of demonstration projects in Ukrainian cities. For this Third Call a simplified application procedure will be applied. We are interested in project ideas which need an investment of not less than EURO 600 000 – EURO 700 000.  For specific innovative project ideas e.g. utilizing waste heat from industry for district heating could be made an exception. In order to make the application process swift and effective it is offered the possibility to have project ideas pre-assessed. In this way it can be checked if project ideas have the potential to become selected as a demonstration project before starting the formal application procedure. Interested applicants are advised to contact the DemoUkrainaDH Coordination Team as soon as possible before starting the formal application procedure, as presented on the website There is no definite deadline set, requests will be handled and answered promptly in sequence with the aim to select 4-6 more project partners as soon as possible. The best way to contact the team is to send an email (in Ukrainian, Russian or English) to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Preferably projects should be substantial and utilise the most of the available grant and loan potential for each project, meaning investments in the range of at least 600 000 -700 000 euro. Of course exceptions from this requirement could be done for specific , more innovative project ideas with high demonstration value e.g. utilization of waste heat for district heating.

Everyone who is interested in district heating in Ukraine, please browse around to find information about DemoUkrainaDH, the development of demonstration projects. 

Read more About DemoUkrainaDH and Contact us.

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