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The project in Pavlograd covers renovation and modernization of a district heating area. The main measures include decommissioning of 1.2 kilometres transmission pipeline and Pav-hosp4 webconstruction of a new boiler house with approximate capacity of 1.2 MW; replacement of about 450 metres of DH network with pre-insulated pipes; reconnection of a City Hospital to the district heating network, including modernization of a total of 2.2 kilometres of district heating network by the installation of pre-insulated pipes; modernization of the boiler house at the City Hospital for back-up use and also for Domestic Hot Water production based on heat pumps or solar collectors; installation of IHS for one major costumer – a nine storey residential building.
The proposed project could result in reduction of the gas consumption with in total 30-40% for the complete project. In addition electric energy used for the production of DHW will be reduced substantially.
Update February 2016

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