During the meeting of the DemoUkrainaDH Evaluation and Monitoring Committee on 2 February 2016 two new project partners were selected for developing a demonstrations projects within the framework of the DemoUkrainaDH program. The new project partners are the Municipal Company “Teplomerezhi” in Kamyanske (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) and the Municipal Enterprise “Pavlogradteploenergo” in Pavlograd (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast). After having successfully developed a demonstration project in Poltava, it was approved that Municipal Enterprise “Poltavateploenergo” could develop a second demonstration project

Several measures are proposed for the project in Kamyanske. They will be optimized during the preparation phase and may include reconstruction of a boiler house with total capacity of about 6.5 MW, including installation of new condensing gas boilers; replacement and optimization of approximately 1 km of district heating pipes; IHS installations in 9 major buildings (5-9 floors) in the district; installation of heat meters and control equipment in 51 other buildings (1-2 floors) in the district.

The proposed project could result in reduction of the gas consumption with 25-30%. In addition the electric energy for internal use will be reduced.

The project in Pavlograd covers renovation and modernization of a district heating area. The main measures include decommissioning of 1.2 kilometres transmission pipeline and construction of a new boiler house with approximate capacity of 1.2 MW; replacement of about 450 metres of DH network with pre-insulated pipes; reconnection of a City Hospital to the district heating network, including modernization of a total of 2.2 kilometres of district heating network by the installation of pre-insulated pipes; modernization of the boiler house at the City Hospital for back-up use and also for Domestic Hot Water production based on heat pumps or solar collectors; installation of IHS for one major costumer – a nine storey residential building.

The proposed project could result in reduction of the gas consumption with in total 30-40% for the complete project. In addition electric energy used for the production of DHW will be reduced substantially.

The project in Poltava, the second DemoUkrainaDH project in this city, includes, installation of a flue gas condenser for an existing boiler with a capacity of 58 MW, a new stack (height 57 metres) and an automatic control system. The use of a flue gas condenser is expected to reduce the gas consumption for the boiler with between 6% and 12%. The background for a second project in the same city is the fact that the introduction of a flue gas condenser at a relatively big, already existing gas boiler is expected to provide specific demonstration value and potential replicability. Furthermore, the potential of increasing the savings over time by actively working for reduced district heating return temperatures from the customers is interesting and will give an incentive for measures such as installation of IHS and improved control system at buildings.