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Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Home Eligibility


To be eligible for funding the demonstration projects have to comply with a number of criteria.

The project owner should:

  • be a public organization, owned by the state, region or municipality.
  • have the required debt services capacity.
  • have the required resources to fund 15% of the total project cost.
  • be able to provide a guarantee covering 500 000 Euro.
  • have the institutional capacity to prepare, plan and implement a foreign financed capital investment project.
  • accept and be prepared to apply state of the art Technology Requirements and Design Principles and procurement procedures according to NEFCO Procurement Guidelines.
  • be prepared to report to funding agencies and disseminate information on results and achievements.

The demonstration projects should:

  • be built on well known and proven District Heating technology.
  • be cost efficient.
  • be affordable and not having negative impacts on the vulnerable groups of the consumers.
  • increase energy efficiency with minimum 30% reduction of energy consumption.
  • be environmentally sustainable.
  • be financially viable, with payback period for the total project cost of maximum eight (8) years.
  • be innovative and have the potential to serve as demonstration project and exampie of best practice and the use of Best Available Technology (BAT), developed on the basis of state of the art Technology Requirements and Design Principles.
  • be replicable.

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