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Friday, July 07, 2017

Project Process


Indication of Interest
Indication of Interest (IoI) is prepared by municipal DH utilities in accordance with instructions in the
website section How to apply

Review and assessment of Indication of Interest
Review and assessment of In Indication of Interest is performed by the DemoUkrainaDH
Coordination Consultant (CC). During the assessment process CC is contacting the contact persons
defined in the IoI, giving feedback on the IoI and requesting additional information to perform the
adequate assessment.

Approval for support for project preparations
The assessment of IoIs is presented to the Evaluation and Monitoring Committee (EMC) for
approval. The EMC is constituted with representatives of NEFCO and Minregion.

Preparation of Business Plan
A Business Plan for the project is prepared by the Project Management Consultant (PMC). The DH
utility provide assitance and information to the PMC. In parallel with the preparation of the business
plan NEFCO performs a financial due diligence of the city and the DH utility to define the
creditworthyness and the city's ability to provide a municipal guarantee for the loan.

Approval of Business Plan
Due to the results of the Business Plan and the financial due diligence the project can be approved
by NEFCO for financing and project implementation. In addition the Business Plan forms the basis
for final decision in the City Council for issuing the municipal guarantee and and approval of the
municipal guarantee by MinFin.

Signing of Financing Agreements
After approval of the Business Plan and related financial due diligence and approval of the municipal
guarantee by MinFin the financing agreeements, constituted by a loan agreement, a grant agreement
and a gurarantee agreement, are prepared for signing.

Project implementation
Project implementation activity can be divided in sub-activities that follow in subsequent order. The
first activity is establishment of a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) responsible for operational
implementation of the project. In subsequent order trainin gof the PIU, preparation of tender
documents, procurement, tender evaluation and signing of contract will be performed before the
implementation at site. The PIU is assisted by PMC during the entire implementation process. More
information with respect to the project implementation is found at the website, in the FAQ section.

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