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Tuesday, August 08, 2017
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Technology requirements and design principles

DemoUkrainaDH projects have to comply with state of the art Technology Requirements and Design Principles.The main objective of the DemoUkrainaDH programme is to introduce and demonstrate modern energy efficient district heating technology in Ukraine by implementation of demonstration projects in different cities. Dissemination of experiences and results of demonstration projects could accelerate the adoption of state of the art district heating technology and design principles adapted to the Ukrainian context.

The state of the art technology and design principles we mean, are based on proven technology and applied already for more than 20 years in the Nordic countries and in Europe as a whole. The economic benefits of applying these principles are evident. Both investment and operation costs can be decreased substantially and energy efficiency can be increased significantly.

What applying for DemoUkrainaDH means
District Heating Companies willing to develop a demonstration project and to apply for funding in the framework of DemoUkrainaDH have to be responsive to the fact that complying with the requirements for demonstration projects often means divergence with current practices and design principles used in Ukraine. This requires efforts of all stakeholders involved, but the present projects under realization show that complying to the requirements is possible. Thus demonstration projects contribute not only to modern, energy efficient District Heating systems, but also to the process of updating and modernization of the currently used standards and norms.

Technology Statement
For the most common modernization measures in District Heating the guiding technological and design principles have been presented in a Technology Statement.These principles are applied by DemoUkarainaDH when selecting demonstration projects as well as during design and preparation of technical specifications, procurement and project implementation.

Read theTechnology Statement

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