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Tuesday, July 25, 2017
New IHS in a school in Kamyanets-Podilsky
Pipes in a CHP plant
Turbogenerator set in a CHP plant
Renovated boilerhouse in Zhytomyr
Project implementation in Vinnytsia
Commissioning of IHS in Poltava
Hoppers beneath superheaters in a CHP plant
Wood chips on the way to the boiler
Wood chips sorted by quality
Boiler for wood chips
Pre insulated pipes
Reconstruction of a CHS-Room into mini-CHP
Improved indoor climate in a kindergarten


Municipal DH company «Teplovyk» of Starokostiantyniv City Council intends to close down two boiler houses and interconnect the networks served by the two boiler houses with a third boiler house and network. Upgrading of boilers and networks as well as IHS installation will also be part of the project as well as micro-CHP for DHW production.

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